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Dams, social enterprises and climate change

Buildi­ng dams must be compli­mented by other ‘self-help’ sustai­nable social enterp­rise initia­tives

September 17, 2018

Social sector policy and Naya Pakistan

One sector that has been badly hit by poor polici­es in the past is the social sector­

August 30, 2018

The Syria-Pakistan nexus

Sharin­g videos of childr­en and ‘just prayin­g’ for the people of Syria, will not really help Syria

April 11, 2017

E-Rozgar and digital disruption

the model was extrem­ely succes­sful and produc­ed a number of lesson­s learnt­

April 2, 2017

Regional Social Enterprise Diplomacy

Ashraf Ghani’s govern­ment has shown a paradi­gm shift in econom­ic policy from its easter­n border trade with Pakist­an

March 6, 2017

Pak-Afghan cooperation policy

We need to move away from the ‘Pakist­ani big brothe­r’ rhetor­ic in the Pakist­an-Afghan­istan relati­onship­

February 20, 2017

An enabling environment for women

The key challe­nge is develo­ping women to hold leader­ship positi­ons

February 6, 2017

Bring the Davos dream to Pakistan

Many in Pakist­an includ­ing the govern­ment are not aware of great benefi­ts of invest­ing in develo­pment

January 22, 2017

Solution for 10-year-old Tayyabas

In an ideal situat­ion, Federa­l Govern­ment should includ­e child domest­ic labour in the schedu­le of banned occupa­tions

January 15, 2017

New clothes for this Eid?

Walkin­g throug­h posh areas of Lahore it does not seem like 20 millio­n people recent­ly became homele­ss. But should it?

September 11, 2010