Firm History


The Partners in AFMalik Law & Dev Consultants understand the value that innovation and creativity can bring to a business and to development.

In 2017, the firm started out as the Seplaa Law Consultants- The first Digital Corporate Law Firm of Pakistan because the firm was led by Ammara Farooq Malik who has started numerous businesses and projects online since 2008 and has a wealth of corporate law practical and legal experience to her credit.

In 2018, with the joining in of Barrister Ahmad Farooq Malik as Partner, the firm has propelled into the areas of litigation as well.

With further expertise developments of Partner Ammara Farooq Malik in the areas of international social enterprise law and policy development supported by digitization, field work and research, we are pleased to be the first digital social enterprise and corporate law firm of Pakistan.

As the Partners understand the gaps and opportunities for companies, partnerships, food entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs in Pakistan and beyond, the firm was established as AFMalik Law, the first full service law firm in Pakistan also offering legal services specifically tailored to social enterprises in May, 2018. The firm’s name was therefore changed to reflect this new addition to become the AFMalik Law- Attorneys & International Development Consultants.