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Firm History

Dr. Ammara Malik elected as Chair, APAC Board, GAIL
AFMalik Law at BBC News
AFMalik Law at 6th APAN Climate Change Adaptation Forum in Manila
AFMalik Law at US Consulate
AFMalik Law at GAIL Global Event, Sept 2022
AFMalik Law at UNESCO, Almaty
AFMalik Law at US Consulate

The Partners at AFMalik Law- Attorneys & International Development Consultants understand the value that innovation and creativity can bring to a project, company and to development.

In 2008, the firm started out with Founding Principal Attorney Dr. Ammara Farooq Malik who set up the practice as the first Digital Corporate Lawyer of Pakistan online along with the founding of Seplaa. 

From 2008-2013, Dr. Malik worked in health advocacy and proposed legislative reforms which have been incorporated in the Punjab Prevention and Control of Thalassemia Act 2018. 

From 2008- 2020,  Dr. Malik advised the SEPLAA Foundation in issues relating to health, education, environment, climate change, gender and social entrepreneurship. 

After working in some corporate law firms as Partner,  Dr. Ammara Malik founded AFMalik Law, the firm in May 2018 and launched it officially in August 2018. With the support of Barrister Ahmad Farooq Malik as our Senior Consultant, the firm has propelled into the areas of litigation as well.

The firm’s name was therefore changed to reflect this expertise to become the AFMalik Law- Attorneys & International Development Consultants in 2018.

With further addition of Engineer Mr. Amjad Wyne, in 2020, our expertise in the areas of infrastructure development, urban development, water, energy and food nexus has grown alongside making strides in international social enterprise law and policy development.

From 2022, our work has been strengthened by generative AI integration, digital systems and rapid peer reviewed research. 

We are pleased to be the first AI integrated corporate and impact law firm of Pakistan with expertise in international development as well.