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Dr. Malik invited to TechLaw Fest Singapore

AFMalik Law and Seplaa Group have been at the fore front of tech based law and sustainable business since over a decade in Pakistan.

We are so pleased to be recognized at the prestigious ALITA Awards to be held at Singapore in September 2023 as Dr. Ammara Farooq Malik Founding Principal Attorney AFMalik Law and CEO Seplaa Group has been invited as a  Judge for this year’s Asia-Pacific Legal Innovation & Technology Association (ALITA) Legal Awards 2023.

Asia-Pacific Legal Innovation & Technology Association (ALITA) is a premier organisation which consolidates legal innovation and technology initiatives in the region. ALITA Awards recognise legal innovators impacting the Asia-Pacific region. 

This year, there are 6 ALITA Award 2023 categories, which are:

  1. Outstanding Legal Innovator (Law Firm) Award
  2. Outstanding Legal Innovator (Individual) Award
  3. Outstanding Legal Innovator (In-House & Operations) Award
  4. Outstanding Legal Innovator (Solution Provider) Award
  5. Outstanding Legal Entrant Award
  6. Outstanding Legal Innovation / Legal Tech for Good Award 

We wish the participants all the best and encourage law firms and companies to take part in the Awards competition. 

“Excited to be #judging #law firms and #multinational #companies working in the #legal #innovation and #technology ecosystem across #AsiaPacific for the Asia-Pacific Legal Innovation & Technology Association – #ALITAAwards2023 to be held in #Singapore next week!

And truly honored to be judging along side brilliant legal minds from the #APAC region such as Justice Aedit Abdullah, Supreme Court of Singapore), Dr Mimi Zou (Co-founder, Deriskly Limited), Marina Yastreboff
President (#AUSCL Australasian Society for Computers and Law), Komal Gupta (Chief Innovation Officer, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas), Josh Lee Kok Thong (Co-Founder & Editor, #LawTech.Asia), Karen Finch (President, Australian Legal Technology Association (#ALTA)-), Stanley Park (Board Member, Singapore Corporate Counsel Association), Mike Haven (President, Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (#CLOC)), Yeong Zee Kin (CEO, Singapore Academy of Law), Karen Lee (Legal Technology & Innovation Committee Member Chair, Association of Corporate Counsel Australia), Ginevra Saylor (Board Member, International Legal Technology Association), Dirk Hartung (Executive Director, Center for Legal Technology & Data Science, Bucerius Law School) and Grégoire Miot (President, European Legal Tech Association (#ELTA)).

Looking forward to seeing the innovative entries from the region sent forward by Brian W Tang and Adeline Chin YF and to represent Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers (GAIL) #APACBoard and #SeplaaGroup in #Singapore!”-Dr. Ammara Farooq Malik, 15th September, 2023.