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Dr. Malik invited to TechLaw Fest Singapore

AFMalik Law and Seplaa Group have been at the fore front of tech based law and sustainable business since over a decade in Pakistan. We are so pleased to be recognized at the prestigious ALITA Awards to be held at Singapore in September 2023 as Dr. Ammara Farooq Malik Founding Principal Attorney AFMalik Law and CEO Seplaa Group has been… Read More »Dr. Malik invited to TechLaw Fest Singapore

Domain Names & Efficient Dispute Resolution

The DNDRC entertains complaints against domain names with “.pk” ccTLDs which are either existing as a result of cyber-squatting or by some habitual infringer of intellectual property rights. The remedy for the rightful owner of the domain name consisting of the trademarked word is either to file a civil suit in a court of law and seek permanent injunction or it may file a complaint before the DNDRC