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AFMalik Law is a registered law firm operating from Pakistan.

AFMalik Law Internships June-July 2021

The call for the AFMalik Law Summer Internship Program June 2021 is now open. This year we are offering 2 programs in June and August 2021. Please see details below for the June 2021 Intake: Internship Duration: 8 weeks (1st June to 30th July) Deadline to apply: 20th May, 2021 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A. Law Internship Program: Open to: Final Year Law Students Number of positions: 5 Positions based in:  Lahore office and virtual: Areas of practice: Corporate Law Tax Law Intellectual Property Laws Civil/ Family Law International Development ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ B. Junior Law Internship Program Open to:  A Level & LLB students Number of positions: 15 Positions based in: Lahore office and/or Online Legal Research Advocacy To apply please send us your cv and covering letter at latest by 20th May, 2021 and mention the position you are applying for in the email subject line. Shortlisted candidates will be emailed by 25th May, 2021. Interviews will be conducted online and in our Lahore office in the last week of May, 2021. For any further queries, please email us at See the AFMalik Law Internship Report for 2020 here.

AFMalik Law at International Water Conference

To commemorate World Water Day 2021, ICIMOD organized an International Webinar on ‘Water and Gender’.
Founding Principal Attorney Mrs. Ammara Farooq Malik was invited as a speaker to talk about ‘Legal Rights of Women in Access to Water Resources’.
The event was attended by regional water, gender and climate resilience experts and the Ministry of Climate Change and Ministry of National Food Security and Research in Pakistan.

AFMalik Law at Esela Virtual Conference March 2021

Our Founding Principal Attorney Ms. Ammara Farooq Malik will be one of the Discussion Leaders during the Esela (The Legal Network for Social Impact) Virtual Conference 2021 on ‘ESG & Business and Human Rights’. This is part of the Esela Asia Pacific Lawyers Working Group and will be co-led with Tzei-wei Ng from Hong Kong. ​ To attend the conference, please follow the link below:

Ammara Malik joins Esela Asia-Pacific Impact Lawyers Working Group

We are pleased to announce that our Founding Principal Attorney Ms. Ammara Farooq Malik, has been added as the only Pakistani lawyer in the prestigious Asia Pacific Lawyers Working Group as one of its Founding Members for the year 2021 for Esela- The Legal Network for Social Impact. To read more about esela please see link.  About esela: esela is a non-profit global network of lawyers, advisors, academics and entrepreneurs. Our members are working to create a sustainable and inclusive economy that promotes positive social impact. We are interested in the role of the law and lawyers in reshaping legal systems and practice for good through impact investing, social entrepreneurship, business and human rights, the response of business to the climate emergency, ‘profit with purpose’ and related disciplines. Our aim is to promote a better understanding of the law in these practice areas, and so to support the development and growth of a more sustainable and inclusive economy.  

First High Court Committee on Social Impact Laws

We are very pleased to announce that our senior Partner Advocate Mrs. Ammara Farooq Malik has been nominated as the Chairperson of the ‘Climate Change, Infrastructure, Gender & Social Entrepreneurship Laws Committee’ of the Lahore High Court on 15.6.2020.

US Consulate Launches IPR Toolkit Created by AFMalik Law

The Intellectual Property Rights Course & Toolkit for Business Incubators in Punjab, developed by the AFMalik Law Partners, Advocate Ammara Farooq Malik and Barrister Ahmad Farooq Malik, was launched on 26th April, 2019 at the US Consul General’s Residence on the occasion of the World Intellectual Property Day 2019.

AFMalik Law conducts Focus Group Discussion on IPR

On 15th April, 2019 the AFMalik Law Partners conducted a Focus Group Discussion at the US Consulate to discuss their upcoming IPR Tool Kit. The Intellectual Property Rights Course & Tool Kit for Punjab Incubators was created by the Partners Advocate Ammara Farooq Malik and Barrister Ahmad Farooq Malik under a PUAN USEF grant

Meaning of Copyright in Pakistan

Copyrights Barrister Ahmad Farooq Malik, Partner AFMalik Law. The meaning of Copyright is well illustrated in section 3 of the Copyright Ordinance, 1962, as an ‘exclusive right’ by virtue of the use of literary, dramatic, musical, artistic or cinematographic works and examined further through examples as covered by the Ordinance. The State v Muhammad Amin Haroon & Others, explains what is meant by a copyright in the following words: “In common parlance the copyright can be defined as the sole and exclusive liberty of printing or otherwise multiplying copies of any literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works. It exists in original literary, dramatic and musical works, and cinematograph films and records. For the purposes of Copyright Ordinance, there has to be some intellectual property, literary work, script, lecture, musical work, photograph, cinematograph work and others and the original owner thereof.” [1] See further: In Safdar Hussain v. Mst. Noshi (Nishat) Gillani and others [PLD 2016 Lahore 563]. [1] The State v Muhammad Amin Haroon & Others [2010 PCrLJ 518]

Business Process & IP

By Ammara Farooq Malik, Partner AFMalik Law. Though a one size fit for all is not possible, however a general guideline can be provided on when and where the intellectual property must be registered in the process of business formation. Business process and IP in each step: Step 1:                  Inception of idea for business Action Item:       Read up on IRR or engage an IP lawyer/ expert. Many business owners feel that because they have come up with an exceptional idea, it belongs to them. It ‘could’ belong to them and that is where engaging an expert comes into play. Reading up on what IP means is a useful first step to understand your rights. However engaging an expert goes a long way in ensuring that any important aspect of your intellectual property has not been overlooked which can cause you massive losses in business, down the line, if left unchecked. Step 2:                  Creation of formula for product and/or production process                                 (if applicable). Action Item:       Apply for Patent Registration Now that you have your idea, the second step will be to create your secret formula for your product. This could be a unique manufacturing or production process, a unique recipe or formula for a medicine. In this case you should seek advice on how to register your patent. If your business does not have a unique formula or manufacturing process, then this step will be skipped. Step 3:                  Creation of trademark for business/ brand Action Item:       Apply for Trademark registration Each business must have a brand name under which it will be selling its… Read More »Business Process & IP

Patents’ Registration in Pakistan

Barrister Ahmad Farooq Malik, Partner AFMalik Law. Patents ‘A patent for an invention is grant of exclusive rights to make, use and sell the invention for a limited period of 20 years. The patent grant excludes others from making, using, or selling the invention. Patent protection does not start until the actual grant of a patent. A patent cannot be obtained on a mere idea or suggestion. Patent applications are examined for both technical and legal merit.’ [1] Any invention is patentable, if it meets the following 3 requirements[2]: Is new/novel and does not form part of the state of the art; Involves an inventive step; and Is capable of industrial application. In Pakistan, patents are applied mainly for products and processes for medicines/pharmaceuticals, industrial machines, electronics. See : In Earth Factor (Pvt) Ltd and 2 others v. Patent Office, IPO Pakistan through Controller and others [2014 CLD 897] [1], Web accessed 12th April, 2019. [2] Sections 7, 8 & 9 Patents Ordinance, 2000.