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AFMalik Law Year in Review 2023

#AFMalikLaw had another productive year in #2023 where apart from working with our existing and new clients we also had the following notable highlights:

🏆 Our Principal Attorney Dr. Ammara Farooq Malik got elected as the first APAC Chair for the Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers (GAIL) from Pakistan and the news was highlighted in the press in Pakistan- UK (March, 2023).

🏆 #AFMalik Law was highlighted on the website of the University of London when our Principal Attorney was invited to a University of London podcast on ‘Global Careers’ as one of its prominent alumni (March, 2023).

🔊 We collaborated with Seplaa Consultants Canada Inc. and co-hosted 3 #Information #Sessions for the #StartUpVisaProgram for #immigration to #Canada.

🔊 Held our #Orientation to #ImpactLaw & #Legal #Professionalism that was attended by more than #150 #lawstudents in Pakistan.

🔊 Held our #AFMalikLaw #SummerInternshipProgram from July-Aug 2023 with 16 interns from all over #Pakistan.

📢 We provided support to the #GAIL #APAC event on ‘Climate Contracting in Asia Pacific’ with ICIMODLITE Lab HKU and The [Chancery Lane] Project.

📢 Launched the #PakistanTransposition of #ClimateClauses with Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers (GAIL) and The [Chancery Lane] Project at our Lahore office- Aug 2023.

🏆 Invited to judge the Asia-Pacific Legal Innovation & Technology Association (ALITA) Legal Awards held in #Singapore in September, 2023.

⭐ Attended the #GAIL #RegionalChairsMeeting held in #London in Oct 2023.

⭐ Was added as an ‘Expert Reviewer’ for the Legal Innovation for Sustainable Investments (LISI) review of the ‘Impact Term Sheet 2.0’ (LISI, Oct 2023).

⭐ Attended several key events and panel discussions on #energy#finance and #sustainability at #COP28 in Dubai.

⭐ Participated in the #GAIL APAC & #COP28 follow up event in Hong Kong, Dec 2023.

🏆 We won the Acquisition International Magazine Award for ‘Best Corporate Law Firm- APAC 2023’!

The year has taught us many valuable lessons and the most important once is the value of collaboration for mutual growth. We could not have come this far without the support or so many team members over 2023!

In 2024 we hope to keep building the momentum for our clients and partners and grow our team further in the new year!

We wish all our friends, Partners and Clients a very happy New Year 2024!