AFMalik Law Internship Report 2020

In July, 2020, AFMalik Law launched its first country wide Law Internship Program.
We were overwhelmed to see the response to our call.
We received top cvs from all over the country from institutions such as Kinnaird Law School, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), UMT, Bahria University, Islamic University Islamabad, Denning Law School Karachi, Indus College of Law Hyderabad, Pakistan College of Law, Lahore and Lahore Grammar School Defence.
Out of the 18 carefully selected intakes, 15 were young women and 3 were males.
We congratulate all of them for successfully completing their internship with AFMalik Law and wish them all the success in their future endeavors.
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Law Interns July-August 2020
  • Ms. Aiman Noman                                  Ms. Amal Malik
  • Ms. Amna Adnan Khawaja                      Ms. Aymun Najeeb
  • Ms. Esha Farooq                                      Ms. Fatima Tariq
  • Ms. Hibah Hussain                                   Ms. Kashaf Shah
  • Ms. Kainat Saif                                         Ms. Maryam Asad.
  • Mr. Muhammad Abdullah                       Ms. Sarah Reachel Sajjad
  • Ms. Shafaq Farooq                                  Ms. Wyena Qureshi
  • Ms. Yumna Arif                                        Ms. Zainab Meno.

Intern Testimonies: 

Aymun Najeeb: 

My tenure at the AF Malik Law Firm was wonderful and truly knowledgeable. The topics that were allocated to me for research were according to my interests and made my work so much more exciting for me. I have also developed a new found confidence for public speaking after my internship as Ma’am Ammara had asked us to present our topics which proved to be fruitful for my speaking skills. The overall environment of the firm was very professional and is perfect for a dedicated, hard working individual to thrive in and achieve more.

Fatima Tariq:

This year I have had the incredible opportunity to intern with the AFMALIK LAW. Firm. This internship provided me with a lot of opportunities to learn, grow, and enhance my skills over the course of 2-months. I experienced different aspects of the law. I have learned so much working as an intern. I extend my gratitude to Ma’am Ammara Farooq Malik for the exceptional environment she provided for the interns, it was wonderful to work under her guidance. I’m looking forward to work again with this phenomenal team and esteemed firm.

Amna Adnan Khawaja:

My entire internship period with AFMalik Law firm was incredible. I made some great friends throughout the journey, and I will definitely miss our zoom meetings, and presentations. Ma’am Ammara not only allowed us to choose the areas of law that we wanted to work in, but also provided us with life lessons that will definitely help us in the future.

Yumna Arif:
First of all, I would like to congratulate AFMalik Law on conducting a very successful Summer Internship Program of 2020. This year has been really challenging for everyone due to Covid-19. However, offering students internships in these times of unpredictability and concluding them gracefully is a huge success on its own. Students drained with their academic assignments, online classes and exams were in dire need of motivation and something out of the box which would help them keep their spirits high. AFMalik Law apprehended this and conducted a virtual internship in the best way possible.

My experience with AFMalik Law was truly inspiring and uplifting. I got the opportunity to work and research on many untouched topics
which are often ignored.I got to know an amazing and talented team from different universities and parts of Pakistan.

AFMalik is a very professional, cooperative, and supportive Law firm. It has given a chance and space to each student to bring out the best
in them without overwhelming them in the research work.

My experience at AFMalik Law was wonderful. I feel very lucky to be a part of this internship. I got to learn a lot from the founding partner Ma’am Ammara Malik. She has been an inspiration to all of us, especially the female bunch of the interns. Overall, it was one of my best learning experiences. Thank you so much AFMalik Law!